Colour B4 Review

Hey there! So your curious about ColourB4 stripper and if it really works? well you’ve come to the right page to find out. Im a person who is obsessed with changing my hair colour, mostly bright colours.

So starting from the beginning… as you can see I had black hair with tints of reds and purples which are quite hard colours to remove. I was very happy with my result considering I brought the Colour B4 regular when I really needed Colour B4 extra(cause my hair was so dark). I’ve use this product everytime I want a colour removing.image

It’s doesn’t frazzle your hair or leave it feeling dry unlike bleach! (although it’s does have a eggy smell to it). I would always recommend this product to friends and family.

The regular strength colour B4 is better if you have light brown or fair hair or if you only change your hair colour now and then.I got this one from boots for just £10! Alot cheaper than going to the hairdressers.


This contains:

1 bottle of activator 60ml
1 bottle of remover 60ml
1 set of gloves
1 bottle of conditioning buffer 60ml
1 instruction leaflet


After I did this I looked on the side of the box and it’s says do a review to get a free box! I did mine and they sent me extra strength as seem (what I asked for) and it came within 3 days. I will update this when have done it!x


And im back again on a update on my colourb4 experiencei sent them the review above and they sent me another box this is how my hair turned out, i was quick happy with the amount of colour that came out, although i did notice that after a day or 2 my hair was darker,but over all was happy with the result.

Recently Updated8

Cause the box had the review bit on the side a assumed i could do it again so i did but this time i got sent the pink box. i thought it was a bit odd as out of all the time ive been using/purchasing this product the box would be grey and say extra strength, any how i fort it would be okay and as normal.


My aim is to get blonde/white hair without using bleach! thats why i always used this product. So i thought this time round i will do a tutorial, i hit record and started suiting up (gloves lol). I did the normal mixing as im not new to this so not hard to do as i take the top off it starts squirting all over the place. It made me jump and i shot up and put it into the bath before it got everywhere! I had never seen the box that they sent me in shops if you have then would you mind telling me what year you seen it? i think it might of been an old box of the extra strength as the new one is grey.  Could this of been the reason why it went funny, with the chemicals ect being out of date? if that can happen. I think they sent me this box because it didn’t have the little review offer on the side of the box, i would of left a review even if they didn’t send me another one out i would just go buy one. Watch My Reaction lol

Recently Updated4

Im very lucky i wasnt aiming the top upwards towards my face and into my eyes because that would of cause severe damage right? anyway like i said i was lucky, i felt pretty wounded as i couldn’t do my hair because it was all in my bath so i messaged colourb4 via facebook and told them what had happened. They did apologize and said they would send me out 2 more boxes, i accepted the apology and the 2 boxes cause what else could i do i couldn’t take it further as no harm was done. I do absolutely love this product it has kept me from damaging my hair i will carry on using this product as this has never happened before so we can just call it a 1 off experience, so dont let this put you off doing your hair as ive never had a problem with the silver box “EXTRA STRENGTH”. If you do come across the pink “EXTRA STRENGTH” box just be cautious.

Im still waiting for my boxes to arrive so watch this space for more progress 🙂

Ekkk my boxes arrived which was exiting times, i brought the ombre for £2 on the sale rail and the ultimate blonde from pound shop. i haven’t used them yet so not sure how they turn out, will keep you updated.


Any how i put the first box on and this is how it turned out, unfortunately i didn’t read the instructions properly and only left it on for 30 minuets instead if 60 (i was proper beating myself up a bit it lol).


its was still really dark underneath and ends, so i put my last box of colour b4 on this time keeping it on for 60 minutes & this was it after.

i was quite happy with the lift, although it would have been alot lighter if i kept it on for 60 mins the first time.

So after i was stuck with the colour above i decided to bleach, i done 3 bleaches and got to this colour (pic below). From many years of box dyes the colour has stained my ends and are being really stubborn, which has left me with a ginger tone.   I seen ColourB4 also do a ColourOn Toner so i thought i would give it ago seen as i know the brand well.


I purchased ColourOn Ice Cool Toner and i was hoping it would bring the brassiness out.

but i think the ginger bits was still abit dark for it to work my blonde bits took but left me with white roots! once ive got to the blonde i need to be will deffo be using this again.



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