Cows Milk Allergy

I’ve done this because my first born was intolerance to milk.

My daughter was born 7/7/2012 5 weeks early she was my little prem baby🚼 she suffered with jaundice the first month then that went. But then we started to notice that she was sick alot and everytime she passed wind it would sound like a exploction and and bits of lumpy stringy watery stolls would be in her nappy, we thought she just had a poorly tummy but then she kept getting really constipated to the point where she would scream with bellyache and couldn’t go on her own. We had to bend her knees and push onto her stomach doing the bicycle motion that didn’t work all the time so we tried warm water dipped an cotton bud into it and wet her bum a little bit to stimulate it, eventually she would be able to pass stolls bit because it’s was all backed up they where really big so it hurt.
When she turned 3 months she passed wind along with the stringy stoll bit this time it had blood in.
We panicked and took her to hospital I kept the nappy cause it was easier to show them than tell them and as soon as they seen it’s they knew she has cows milk allergy. We was at the hospital for 6-7 hours they came back and gave us some new milk called neautramigen lipil 1 and said she should of grow out if it by the age of 4, the milk was vile but she didn’t know any different and took to its like a duck in water, as she got older I was scared that she would get hold of chocolate ect from the kids but there was always an adult about cause we was living with his mum so was okay.
In January 2013 we moved into our own family home! She was 6 months on jar foods she loved the fruit jar foods the meal jars she didn’t have much to choose from as alot of them had milk in it, you would have to check the ingredients on the back it’s would say “contains milk” that’s a nono.

She moved onto solids around 10 months and we was stuck again on what to get her that don’t contain milk, we got her veg but she was not having it! So we got her batterd chicken took the batter of and she yammed it she also liked fish fingers. When she turned 2 she was giving some chocolate from her friend and left her too its as I would of know straight away if she was still intolerant or not and she was okay her stolls where still normal so.I Started getting things with.milk in it and treating her to chocolate and.then and She Was fine.

She is now nearly 3 on the 7th July and the allergy has gone she can now eat things containing milk so she’s making up for what chocolate she missed before.