Dirty Locks clip-in extensions review✨

I had the opportunity to review these Goldie Locks Clip-in Hair Extensions these are Kanekalon the most natural looking human hair like. The colours I am reviewing are Dark Brown, Highlight Caramel Coffee and Darkest Brown/Auburn.


First thing I noticed was the length 24inch! I’ve never had natural or Extensions that long before so was happy. These came with all the clips installed most synthetic extensions I buy don’t come with clips so this was a bonus. image


The netting and the clip where made and sewed very good and good quality  others I have seen have been quite poor.
On the left picture I have the Dark Brown with Darkest Brown/Auburn. The bottom right picture is Dark Brown and Highlight Caramel and Coffee And the top right are them all together.

I love how much more thickness it gives my hair it makes me feel much more confident even with just 1 strip and how natural they lookimage

I like them in all together but prefer
the Dark Brown and Darkest Brown/Auburn together it matches my hair colours more than the Caramel Coffee. These are well worth the price! Won’t shop anywhere again. If you would like to purchase these then click here  Diva’s at Dirty Locks

Here a quick video on how to install them.



Colourful Hair

So you seen the first set of hair that i reviewed they are more calm tones, then Goldie Locks sent me these LUSH colorful ones! these are Flamingo, Purple & Dark Brown. I love these colours cause they make you stand out! Im more of a colourful person and Goldie Locks have saved my hair! i have an obsession with dyeing my hair, and don’t like to stick to one color and prefer colourful colours! so as you can imagine from all the bleaching from the age of 18 (now 23) my hair is in bad condition, now i dont have to dye it i can just clip my extensions in funk it up with the colours and style! so happy feeling back to my old self and it no thanks to them! Thank you!

Why dont you brighten up yours or someone else’s day with these!Purchase here -> Goldie Locks

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