Dolled up review✨



Remy Human Hair Extensions & 3/4 wig

I won this 3/4 wig from a blog competition I was so excited was jumping around like crazy! this is chestnut 8. Anyway… I’m gunna tell you how to install it.

Here’s a tutorial on how to install this, if you dont wanna read all this 🙂

Ok so this is the box it came in looks very smart and professional


And this is how the inside of the 3/4 wig looked.


So first you tie your hair up into a little bun leave some fringe out, when tieing your hair up make sure you brush it backwards(as seen in picture below).

Once you’ve done that get your 3/4 wig and at the top and bottom there are little plastic comb grips.

Take the top one first and push it into the hairline and the top of your head, It will feel loose at first.

Then you hook your thumb underneath the wig and guide it outwards and down till you can feel the other comb grip,hold the grip at the bottom of the hairline on your neck and push upwards.👇 sorry about The rubbish pic.

Once in let it go and it will feel alot heavier if it’s not right repeat from The beginning, or if not comfortable then just play around with the clips.

And WALAHH! Your 3/4 wig is now ready to party and show itself off! You can purchase this here Click Me.xo

So this time i had the opportunity to review some human hair extensions from dolled up, they let me pick the length i wanted and the colour, i choose 18″inch colour #60 Real Human 5A Brazilian Remy Hair 100g. As you can see you get 1 strip of 4 clips, 2 strips of 3 clips, 3 strips with 2 clips and 1 strip with 1 clip.


They feel so so soft i love running my fingers through them when ive got them in. My hair is thicker at top then it is a the ends, so this gave me thickness of my ends.

Recently Updated1

As you can see in the pictures below the extensions are a tad darker than my hair but i love how its has turned out with like a two tone blonde. I absolutly adore them, and wouldn’t go anywhere else for my extensions!

Recently Updated2

Ombre ❤

Recently Updated3

They do a variety of different colours and length, if you would like to purchase these then Click Me.xo

So I wanted to change my hairstyle abit as I always hair straight hair, so I curled my dolled up extensions and I love them! i love the volume it gives as i cant live without volume! These are amazing! they curl really good and hold the curl neally all day!

If you would like to purchase these Click Me.xo




Finally got my own hair blonde! Loving the two tone!



4 thoughts on “Dolled up review✨

  1. I love the look of these! Iv never tried hair extensions but these are so pretty


  2. Looks fab. I’ve never tried extensions like this but I do like the idea of it.


  3. They look great. I’ve never tried extensions x


  4. I love hair extensions and these look so glamorous!


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