Its not often that i own lush name brands like GOSH, MAC, Kat Von D ect, so when i realized i won a GOSH competition i was over the moon!


First ill start with the CRAZY volume mascara, they wasn’t kidding its give lush amazing volume, The brush has 2 different side one side is long for your top lashes i presume and other side is short for your bottom lashes. Now bare in mind when i was like 12 i cut my right eyelash thinking it would grow longer like hair LOL ovistly i was totally wrong so as you can see one is longer than the other, they have there good and bad days but yeah.


Next one is the #FoundationDrops, i am absolutely in love with this first im attracted to the bottle for some unknown reason think it might be cause of the #hashtag and its stands out bold and really its not something you see everyday.