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Thankfully i had the chance to review this INSTA NATURAL stretch mark cream, im hoping im not the only woman that don’t like my stretchmarks, don’t get my wrong its print from our babies but  i have low self-astem weather anyone tells me there beautiful or not.


Firstly I’m gunna tell you what the cream contains: Deionized water, Organic aloe vera, Glyceryl stearate, Vitamin C (Sodum ascorbyl phosphate), Cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), Safflower seed oil, Grape seed oil, Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate), Stearic acid, Sunflower seed oil, Kosher vegetable glycerin, Organic mango butter, Organic cocoa butter, Organic rosehip seed oil, Organic evening primrose oil, Tranquil sea fragrance, Avocado oil, Macadamia oil, Palm oil, Tamanu oil, Noni (morinda citrifolia), Decyl glucoside, Glyceryl caprylate, Sodium carbomer, Sodium hydroxide, Antioxidant tocopherol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Honeysuckle flower extract (lonicera caprifolium), Honeysuckle extract (lonicera japonica).
The tub is nice and small and easily fits into a shoulder bag if for some reason you had to take it out, and the smell of it is lushhh! The cocoa butter,rosehop oil and mango deliver nurishment and antioxidents while the vitamin C revives your skin tone and texture for an inproved look and feel.


Every morning and every night for 10 days i applied abit of cream onto my stomach and rubbed it in clockwise and anti-clockwise it does go white so make you rub it in propily.



As you can see there wasent much difference in the first couple of days,around the 4th day the stretchmarks started turning red from brown and felt alot softer instead of bumpy. I think i have high expectations  as they havent faded as much as i wanted to,sometimes they would look silver then they would look red depending what light you are in. I am currently on the 10th day of applying the cream hopefully i will see more of a change in a couple more days.




For people who are intested in giving this product a try you can purchase it from Amazon for £23.95  Click me.xo


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