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So as everyone knows wigs can change your appearance in  an instant. Thats why i love them! Even though i never owned a wig before i still loved what they could do. I am the type of person who changes there hair colour more than my handbags, so as you can imagine my hair is thin and bad condition. Well no thanks to Kims Wigs i don’t have to worry about killing it off even more cause now i have wigs!


First im gonna start with the Abbey Vibrant Red, it is what it say Vibrant Red!

Sample Pictures

When i received this one i was like wow! The colour is lush the length is 23 inches, the amount of hair hair shocked me, there was so much just what i envy! the inside is nice and neat along with good quality. In the picture below is the inside of the wigs,the little bra strap thing you see is to tighten the wig so it fits your head.


The wigs are really secure done a video just to show you take a look ” Shake test ” might make you laugh too. The wig when on doesn’t feel heavy and if you suffer with hair loss then this is a fantastic resort. You can purchase by Clicking Me.xo


The second wig is got is the Two Tone Blonde Mix its 24inch long(amazing). Now the red one i love but this one i adore! Ive always loved blonde hair, i did have it at one point but like i said i get bored and end up dyeing it. Finally ive got it back again but without

Sample Pictures1

This makes me fell like the old me because i can funky it up with bright colours, and a thing i forgot to mention is the volume in the wig is amazing! (i cant deal with flat hair).

webcam-toy-photo11PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collagedhb

Im gunna pull out some of my old extensions and funky it up more. You can purchase this wig by  Clicking Me.xo you will not regret buying one!!

For halloween i wore my abbey vibrant wig and went as poison ivy! perfect match!



Exiting times! Once again i’m back with more reviews! This time i was allowed to have 3 wigs! i wasn’t complaining i was well happy. I chose the Rita wig, Demi wig & Britain lace front wig.

Ill start with the “Britain” lace front wig (am feeling merry as you can see LOL). I chose this wig because of the curls, colour and style ive always wanted long wavy/curly hair these are 22 inches long and i dont have a middle parting so fort i would give it a go. The colour is amazing its burgundy red/plum so vibrant, in different lights its looks different colour as you can see. This is how the wig comes with the lace front  if your not sure on how to cut a lace wig then watch this video!

Fullscreen capture 22112015 211433.bmp Fullscreen capture 22112015 232310.bmp

The hairs are Individual hairs that are hand tied onto the lace, giving the impression of natural growing hair. The hair is hand tied on to the lace front part of the wig and is sewn on to the adjustable light netting cap. The stretch lace cap has 2 small clips attached at each side to provide an extra secure fixing. All you need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size that comfortably suits your head.
Its made from premium quality heat resistant Kanekalon fibre that will withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees.

lace front wig.jpg

Its extra thick like every girls hair goal and surprisingly its not heavy on my head and it keep my head warm while out in this cold November weather so thats a bonus LOL. My hairline looks so natural, can you even tell it a wig?!


This wig is £39.99 and you can purchase it by Clicking Me.xo

Now the next little beauty i have is the Demi wig (my fav), i chose this wig because of the colours black with front red bits, ive always been a fan of black and red together i also liked the sweep fringe this is how my hair use to look back in 2010 and i absolutly loved it, so i was happy when i could review it. I like the curl in the fringe instead of it being just straight.


This baby is 20 inches long so its sits me perfect (cause im small) unlike the British wig that goes to my hips (would still rock it tho).  This if my fav and will be wearing this out quite often feeling like my old self!


This can also withstand 160 degrees of heat, so if your curl comes looser than you want it its an easy solved problem. This wig is £17.99 and you can purchase by Clicking Me.xo

And last but not least the Rita light blonde bob, i went for this wig because of the length i haven’t had my hair short in a long while and always though the bob cut looked really nice. When i put it on i wasen’t keen its has nothing to do with the wig i just feel i don’t suit or look right with short hair.


This wig however is not heat resistance but its straight anyway so shouldn’t have any problems, just try not to curl it up when not in use and its 12inches long and is £17.99. Im running a competition which is LIVE Click Me.xo  so if your feeling lucky ENTER or if you cant wait you can purchase by Clicking Me.xo  GOODLUCK.XO

Terms & Conditions for the competition

UK BASED ONLY unless willing to pay p+p

the winner will be chosen by random org and will have 24hrs to get in contact

competition closes 26th December  at 8pm




35 thoughts on “Kims Wigs ✨

  1. Fab blog post hun , id love to win this so i could have some hair for xmas , i did brave the shave and my hairs taking its time growing back lol it would be nice to look smart in pics xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sharon Herbert

    Your fav is the Demi wig. Looks amazing, I’d love to try this myself as I’ve never had black hair, always red or blonde. I’d love the chance to win the Rita Light Blonde wig, would be amazing to try a short bob without cutting my hair 🙂


  3. Shirley Revill

    I Absolutely love the Rita light blonde bob. I have often thought about having my hair styled like this.What’s the need when their are such stylish wigs out their. Never owned a wig but looking at your photo’s I am very tempted. Would love to have my hair any colour or style as the mood suited me. Really loved reading your blog and thank you for the chance of a new me.xx


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