Moobit Universal Smartphone Car Holder Review

I got send this Moobit Universal Smartphone Car Holder from newstyle mode to review.
The first thing I noticed when I got it out and put it all together the strength of the magnet is really strong.


It is easy to put together, you simply take the air vent magnet, place the rectangle magnet onto the vent magnet,  then take of the sticker on the circle magnet place that onto the back of your phone, then pop the air vent holder into the vents and put the phone onto the magnet you will feel the pull.


And your done,  I was worried that I might go over a bump and it jiggle or fall out but I didn’t move at all! I was really impressed.
Only 2 fault I have with it is the stick circle you have to put on your phone  I didn’t want to keep the circle on my phone when I wasn’t using it,  so I took it off put it up and used it the next day,  I kept doing it and on the 6th day it lost stick completely. It is a very handy little thing and would definitely recommend  it.
If you would like to give this ago you can purchase it from amazon-


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