My Black to Blonde Journey

So lets start with this is not the first time i have had to go through the hard process of getting blonde/white, its the 3rd! i first when blonde when i was around 18 but my mum did it all in college for me and i didn’t take any notes on what she was using! Anyway in my 23 years i first dyed my hair loads of times with box dyes and pigmented colours(e.g black,reds,purples) i wish i had of used semi-permanent box dyes because when it came to stripping or bleaching my hair looked a mess!


All these colour i kept flicking back too, i get bored really easy with my hair (annoying btw)

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Before now i hadn’t done any major changes to my hair only a brown hair dye as i was pregnant and don’t handle pregnancies very well lol so my hair was in quite good condition probably the best its ever been! after i had my boy on the 5th march and got back to my old self i process begun.

First i had to strip as much colour out my hair as i could, i used ColourB4 (WARNING this stuff smells really relly bad of egg and is hard to get rid of he smell!) which you can get from super drug, boots, tesco for £10. So i did my first application and this is how it turned out. I was happy with the lift at the top on my head but the ends and underneath was much darker! now i knew from here that it was going to be a tuff process getting blonde because of the darker shades but i proceeded on. I sent my review to ColourB4 and they sent me another box!

This is the 2nd time, this time i messed up tho leaving it on 30mins instead of 60, dumb i know.


Once again i was in my local drug store buying another box of ColourB4 and this time was the last time i did it as my partner couldn’t stand the smell of egg haha, this time i was well happy with the lift, although its was still darker underneath it had still lifted more than i expected.

I would always recommend you strip if you are wanting to go from dark to light, or even if you have dyed your hair other colours other than black over the years it will help when i comes to bleaching as the colour wont be so harsh so its less time with bleach on your hair( if your bleach).


I wantd to avoid bleach but knew i had no hope if i wanted to be white, so i purchased some true zone 30 col peroxide and 80g of trulites rapid blue powder from Pauls Hair World which cost me £4 and think p+p was £3 it was much cheaper then going to my local sallys its arrived 2 days later so speedy delivery! P1050290

My hair went abit darker after a few days of using ColourB4 so its was quite dark again. First i soaked coconut oil in my hair for 24hrs it act like a barrier so your hair dont get as damaged and has been said to speed up the the application, i wore a shower cap so didn’t get on my pillow, when i went to bleach it i added abit more coconut oil to my ends and applied the bleach. Before you do bleach i would do an elasticity test on your hair if it stretches when wet i wouldn’t recommend doing it yet, give your hair treatments if it don’t stretch then your good to go. I kept it on for 60 mins and it turned out like this.