My pregnancys&Birth experiences

Hey im gonna be telling you about my experience with pregnancy and labor, to start off i met my kids dad on my 19th birthday on the 12th march 2011 in my local nightclub lol,anyway 7 months later on christmas i took a test as didn’t have a period, i went to the toilet and done the test and put it on the side as i was sorting myself out i kept looking over and seen the two lines i was saying no way to myself. i went back into my boyfriend looked at him and started crying, i think it was just more shocking knowing that im having a baby and going to be a mummy! my fella was soo happy! i went doctors and they said i was 12 weeks pregnant!


Eventually the sickness kicked in i couldn’t eat or keep anything liquid or solids down,i was so weak all i did was sleep i only got out of  bed to be sick or go toilet, my fella weighted on me hand and foot i would probably been admitted to hospital for dehydration without him, when i did eat it would be crackers that lasted till i was around 7 months then was able to eat and had energy to go out!

my girl wasn’t due till the 15th august, but on the 6th July at around 8pm o’çlock i was sitting in my back garden and was getting tightening but fort it was just branxton hicks as she wasn’t due to come for another 5 week, every time it came and went i told my boyfriend,he started timing it was every 3 minutes, we went inside and i laid on the bed its pain was bearable so we watched a bit of tv, its started getting worse and worse my water hadn’t broke and didn’t have a bloody show, my fella got his mum and she told me i could be a water infection or labor, i rang the hospital they was asking me question i couldn’t answer cause was in to much pain and couldn’t explain the pain, so they told me to come in.

by this time it was 12pm i went onto the labor ward and they put me into a little room to see how far i was dilated,at half 12 i was 5cm! now t all felt real and couldn’t believe she was coming then the midwife said are you prepared for her to go to the intensive care unit! we sad no and we didn’t understand why she would have to go there was though she would still be healthy. we didn’t worry at that point we just wanted to meet her i tryed using the gas and air to ease the pain it didn’t do nothing other than make me sick! and i did not enjoy having a contraction and being sick at the same time.


At 12.30 they moved me into the birthing room, ovistly the pain was even worse the only way i got through it was having the sheet over my head laying on my back and taking very deep breaths, i did ask for the epidural which me and my boyfriend said before that im not having it and don’t need it, but the midwife said i was too far to have it, my midwife Lindsey wheat was fantastic she stayed with me all night and i had my mum there too. the pain was absolutely awful every time i pushed and every time she crowned and i shopped pushing she would go back up! i kept asking the midwife if she could grab her head and pull ahah anyway the final contraction and push came i put all my power into it and 6 hours later at 6:36am on a lovely sunny morning i gave birth to my little lady cianna-mai anderson weighing 4lb 7oz she was absolutely perfect!


she had a very small plecenter and cord that why she kept going back up, she did tear me on the way out anbd had to have 4 stitches and she didn’t need to go to the ICU which was a big relief. They moved us onto the ward and wanted to keep me in over night, my other half had to leave at 8.30pm and i did cry i hadent been away from him since we got together. I couldn’t sleep now and then i would dose off for 10 mins, i was too busy waiting for my baby girl too pass stolls and wee as normal so they could say we can go home, at 6oclock they said they had my discharge papers ready and we was just waiting for her too pass stoll at 8.25 five minuets before her daddy turned up she pood i was so happy he said he was praying on the bus that she pood lol, i started getting my things together i told my boyfriend there just sorting my papers then a midwife came over and said they want to keep us in another night she beated around the bush on giving us a reason but basically it was because we looked young and didnt think we had the support at home to bring up a newborn but we reassured her that we had a big family at home that are very supportive, his mum has had 10 kids and adopted kids so she knew the in and outs of newborn 10x over. so they said yes and agreed to let us go home my mother in law picked us up and we went home. was so happy to have my princess she is 4 in school and loves it! even tho she can be a naughty,stroppy madam she still my babygirl.



My second pregnancy was heartbreaking in 2013 we found out we was having another baby, I took the test and it came back positive but at 1pm on the 24th August 2013 I was chilling on the sofa and i felt a trickle between my legs I had a look and seen a dot of blood I went upstairs and put a pad on and called the doctors we went in and he said to keep an eye on it if it get any worse then go hospital. The bleeding got heavier my fella know what was happening but didn’t want to believe it I at that time didn’t know what was going on, we choose not to go to hospital and there would of been nothing they could do to stop it so I spent most of my day sitting on the toilet, it was finally bedtime I fell sleep and at 1am I woke up to a bed full of blood I got up to walk to the bathroom and i miscarried there and then in my bedroom, i broke down in tears I only looked at once and it was like a blood bath, my fella didn’t want me seeing it so he told me to sort myself out. We didnt know what to do with the remains of our little one day could of been baby, we didn’t want to flush it or chuck it in the bin like it was nothing, so he wrapped it up but it’s into a little wooden box and buried our angel in our garden. That day at 8am I rang hospital a told them I had had a miscarriage they told me to come in to check nothing was still in there else could get an infection, we went down and they took some blood’s and gave me a virginal scan, she told me i did miscarry which knew everything was out the only thing left was the embiotic sac she said baby would of been anywhere between 6 weeks to 12 weeks. My heart sank and was so scared to get pregnant again. My baby will always be in my heart,even tho he/she wouldn’t of looked like a baby yet, that was still my child that I carried and lost. I love you my angel and will meet you one day.x


my third pregnancy with rainbow baby(rainbow baby’s mean baby after still born or miscarriage) boy was the more or less the same as my 1st sickness and weakness till 7 months then was back to normal,just! on the 4th march i woke up as normal and around ten oçlock while drinking my tea i was having tummy ache well i fort it was anyway, i though nothing of it and carried on my day as usual, it gradually started getting abit worse we went to bed around 12 oclock as i fort they where branxton hicks again, but it kept getting worse same as my first my water didn’t brake, so we rand hospital tried explaining again and the woman told me to take a some paracetamol and stay at home, my boyfriend wasent having none of it and called them back as he was talking my bloody show came. i had to wake my daughter up get her ready for her to stay at her nans for the night, and my step dad and mum came and picked us up and took us to hospital. we arrived at hospital at half 12 and the midwife checked how far dialated i was and i was only 3cm by 6.37am a minute after my daughter was born my beautiful son henley anderson was born weighting 5lb 12oz


everything was all well and we was out by 1pm that day. He is now 18 months old and a very cheeky boy. i dunno what i would do without them and they have changed my life for the better.