My Style✨

So your interested in taking a look at my style, well you made a good choice ;). This is my first ever fashion/mystyle blog post. I like to be different, i like big colourful hair, colorful dramatic  make-up and skulls! Here are a few pictures of how i dress :). This will be an ongoing blog post with more info, if you wanna know where any of the clothes are from drop me a comment below x

28371_399213872334_5018399_n22465_253718012334_676121_n 26994_365050167334_6142978_n 58751_426928277334_6972410_n 29521_395893617334_3012285_n 167892_496175867334_7442853_n 150226_454967697334_7435936_n 180128_495952587334_894579_n 169033_485856367334_835495_n 542231_10151638912212335_1016144875_n 1457735_548477848573851_1251492642_n 576717_10150834050717335_1700416726_n 1914196_308641007334_4308259_n 1916773_181537627334_5219495_n 1916773_209255947334_5472138_n 10389173_10152860991137335_5659587695663339948_n 11011576_10152860989032335_3291311338260600544_n 11150940_10152860989957335_6016792176487196594_n km12105837_1531917797068771_6156336291679322346_n


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