Samsung Clypso Hoover Review

I am happy to have the chance to review a samsung calypso bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner from Samsung send by ao.


So the hoover arrived with very fast delivery. The first thing I noticed was the smart/sleek design of the hoover quite stylish. It’s a very light weight hoover which makes it easier to get around and pick up(e.g. Upstairs).



I like the design of the handle and where the settings are,easy to hold and change settings. Tbh it’s the first hoover I’ve seen with a handle like that. There are 3 suction setting min,med,high.



It’s comes with 4 different heads. The 1st head (as seen in the pic) is the 2 step brush, I don’t get on with this head very well, when I put the hoover on high I can barely push it along the carpet and sucks my rug up,when I turn my suction down it barely picks up.

The 2nd head you see is the mini turbo brush, it’s for cleaning sofas and it’s works fab, as I have 2 children you can imagine it’s gets abit messy under my sofa cushions so this is quick and easy use.

The 3rd head is the power pet brush, this is my favourite head, I can use this on my carpet, rug and have used it in my kitchen too! It gets all the hair up well(my hair falls out alot), and with the suction up high I don’t have no struggle hoovering.

The 4th head is for curtains, and getting in the ceiling corners which I have trouble with as I’m only 5 “3, with the extendable pipe I can reach! 😂 this is very easy to use and does the job.


The only other problem I have with the hoover other than the head is the main on/off button ontop of the hoover, you push it on the left side and it.don’t turn on, you push it in the middle and still don’t turn on,but if you press it on the right it works.

All in all its is a nice little sleek hoover my first time using a samsung brand and I’m happy to of had to have the chance to review and keep the hoover, I will most definitely recommend it to family and friends. Watch my spoken review Click me.xo


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