SoundPEATS Bluetooth Headset Review



Hellooo, I done this review on behalf of my partner as he makes use of them more than me. We got sent these SoundPEATS Q800 bluetooth headset.


The headset came with different size ear plugs which is handy as most don’t come with them and ovistly not everyone has the same ear shape. It also came with a USB lead so you can charge it up, battery life last at least 8-9 hours maybe more. To turn it on/off you flick the little switch on the side of the headset. When you switch it on it tells you how much battery you have.image

Now the design… the headset fits nicely round your neck you don’t even notice its there, there’s no dangling wires ect, so good if you are a gym person ect,you can also adjust the size of the headset to fit your neck.image

On the left hand size of the headphones it’s has the volume buttons up and down, and a call button. When you want to call you press the call button and say “call” and the name of your contact you want to call.image

On the right hand side you have play button, forward and back. Which is a whole lot easier when riding a bike ect (what my partner does everyday)just a click away.image

The headphones are magnetic so when not in use they will just slot into the little holder. The sound quality my partner gave 4 1/2 out of 5.
The best thing about it is when you are conneced to phone,tab ect and go to far out of distance the headset will start to vibrate and won’t stop until your about 15 mitres away, so if you ever leave your phone it will tell you.

All in all my partner absolutely loves them he couldn’t live without them. He would recommend these if your looking to buy good quality headset for such a low price. If you would like to purchase these Click Here.xo , they do ship so you dont have to worry about it coming from out the UK.


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