Unicorn Hair✨

So to start off you are gunna need blonde hair the lighter the brighter! I was more or less white with ginger(stained)ends. To get this unicorn hair I used directions turquoise,Flamingo and violet, you can use other brands/colours if you want to makes it more unique.

You will need:
Hair dye

Mixing bowl, tint brush.

First add conditioner into your mixing bowl more than you would use when you normally wash your hair. There are 3 good things about using conditioner, first it conditions your hair, secondly it saves you using a whole tub of hairdye and thirdly it helps pick the shade you want, could be pastel colours or bright colours

I started with the (pink) first applying it all to my roots and dragging it down with my fingers about 3 inches( this will always give the blended effect and not the blunt).

Fullscreen capture 16052016 170545.bmp

Once you’ve done that start adding the next colour you want to choose, i chose lilac and applied that to all the middle sections of my hair starting on the pink blended bit and pulling downwards.


Doing the same technique as above add your last colour. You can have as many colours as you want, just make sure you blend them!


Goodluck any questions comment below, let me know how it goes!


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