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Hey! & Welcome! Im michelle but liked to be called Miizzey, im 25 and from the UK! I love makeup like every other woman and men in some cases, im not a professional i just love make-up. I started going all out on my makeup about a year ago so still learning.

I have 2 children my daughter(age 5) & my son (age 2), in my spare time i spend time with my little family, and my hobbies are; entering competitions, hair and make-up, I’m not a follower, i like to be different and i wouldn’t change it! ill be posting all things hair& beauty related. I decided to make a blog because i like to share my opinions on things and show you fellow readers what i enjoy doing and tips&tricks. There is a variety to read from so i can assure you you wont get bored (i hope :D)

Any questions please don’t hesitate to email at-





6 thoughts on “Me,Myself&I ✨

  1. Lo email to do what you do and re vii try new products etc and ill add you to comps to x


  2. Fabulous page. Liked and shared with everyone xx


  3. Lovely giveaway Fingers crossed X


  4. wow lovely good luck everyone


  5. im following you as @moonlightlady2 on twitter but the link wont work to follow you on the rafflecopeter


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